Workshop: IISS Majorana

January 27, 2021 – 15:00-18:00

Mode: online

Participants: 28 (teachers, administrative director, support teachers)

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The workshop took place online and consisted of plenary sessions and collaborative sessions in working groups, held in virtual rooms. In addition to presenting the Index for Inclusion, the project staff presented the first results of the questionnaire administered as part of the activities of the first Intellectual Output; a “laboratory of ideas” was then held, aimed at developing a discussion in the working groups on the concepts of the Index.

Interesting are the results of swot analysis, carried out with the support of Google Modules sent each participant to be filled-in. The modules were shaped in order to drive a quick reply upon strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, guidelines, new perspectives provided by the Project Workshop and further suggestions.

The question “what does inclusion mean to you?” have been answered with some significant definitions:

•          Feeling like a team

•          Removing differences

•          Supporting interaction

•          Fostering social duties

•          Encouraging global participation in educational practices

•          Encouraging interaction, self-implementation, attitudes and skills in order to enhance each school member

•          Removing barriers teachers – students

•          Respect for the educational and training rights of all students in their individual special needs.

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