The Inventory is a qualitative self-assessment tool that allows the teacher to reflect on his/her skills and answer questions: how inclusive am I? What are my strengths and my weaknesses? What skills should I strengthen or develop? Which areas should I prioritize to encourage the inclusion process in my school?

The Inventory is implemented in digital format, which will be made available to the public in the online space. A logical-functional design will be carried out which will take into account purposes, technical constraints, features and which will provide the structure for implementation. In parallel with the development of the Inventory, the IT system will be built, with a backend system for data entry. The system will include a login function, a tracking and data collection, reporting for users and for the system administrator. At the end of this phase, the online self-analysis system of the teacher’s inclusive skills will be published online and available in the project’s web space.

The innovation in this output lies in creating and making available a multilingual online tool for the self-analysis of inclusion skills for the teacher. The tool is totally new and answers to an emerging need that sees teachers as the flywheel to make the school inclusive. The Inventory supports the professional development of teachers, allowing them to acquire awareness of their knowledge and skills, identify areas for improvement, reflect on the priorities and actions to be taken to foster the inclusion process and the development of inclusive values. This is in line with what is recommended by the European Agency for special needs and inclusive education, document “Analysis framework for mapping inclusive education policies” (2018) calls for the development of self-analysis methodologies based on checklists and guide questions to verify the inclusion policies and practices implemented in education systems.