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Index for Inclusion

The Index for Inclusion is a tool through which schools can self-analyze their degree of inclusiveness and make changes to their organization in order to increase the inclusion of all its members, minors and adults, internally. 

The volume is the result of a three-year research conducted by the Center for Studies on Inclusive Education.  According to the authors Tony Booth and Mel Ainscow there is no difference between social inclusion and inclusion at school level. The concept of inclusion underlying the work implies the overcoming of the integrationist logic with which modern education systems tend to manage diversity, in particular towards disabilities and multiculturalism; the lack of social inclusion and / or academic success of a pupil does not depend on a deficit within him, but on a defect in the organization of the school and its teaching practices, which can be defined as “obstacles to learning and participation”. 

The volume consists of five sections. The first three parts offers an overview of the instrument, explain the concept of inclusion and its values, illustrates the phases according to which each school can work on the materials of the Index. The fourth part contains the actual materials, divided into three dimensions, corresponding to the main objectives of the Index:

A) Create inclusive cultures

B) Producing inclusive policies

C) Evolving inclusive practices

Each section includes a series of Indicators, which enumerate the criteria on the basis of which a school can be considered inclusive according to the proposal of the editors. The analysis of each indicator is favoured by a series of stimulus questions from which to start reflection and discussion on a personal or working group level.The fifth part offers questionnaires to be administered to staff, pupils and families to assess the perception of inclusion in the school and establish priorities for intervention.

In 2000 the first edition was published. In 2004 and 2006, calibrated editions for kindergartens and nursery schools were edited. Based on feedback in its large-scale use, the Index has been revised and updated until the third edition of 2011.

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