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Project results

Final Report

This document represents the final report of the ALL IN SCHOOL Project and summarizes the results and outputs.


The syllabus of the competences of the inclusive teacher contains an analytical description in line with the values and dimensions of the Index of Inclusion, and coherent with the existing repertoires.

Inclusion in partner countries

The results of the background survey show that inclusion is a priority in the ALL IN SCHOOL partnership countries, to tackle all forms of disadvantage, prevent early school leaving and promote participation and learning for all students.

Fostering inclusion in school

A brief overview of the tools and services used in schools in the project partner countries to support the inclusion of all students.

How inclusive is my school? Questionnaire results

A Questionnaire addressed to teachers, staff, students, to analyse the level of inclusion of the school perceived by the different actors. The questionnaire helped us to identify strengths and weaknesses and priorities to be pursued for inclusion, and to identify the areas of expertise to be developed in the syllabus.