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Workshop IISS Majorana

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Workshop IISS Majorana

January 27, 2021

Remote workshop via Google Meet – Brindisi, Italy

The workshop, which took place entirely online, was attended by 28 participants. The introductory part dealt with the illustration of the project and the basic concepts of the Index for Inclusion.

Subsequently a laboratory of ideas took place, with 6 groups supported by the Project teamers in tematic virtual rooms:

  • Room 1 – The school builds up culture and inclusion. Stakeholders: the school staff.
  • Room 2: The school builds up culture and inclusion. Stakeholders: parents, families and students
  • Room 3: The school builds up culture and inclusion. Stakeholders: the school staff and the territory
  • Room 4: Enhancing inclusive strategies. Stakeholders: infrastructures
  • Room 5: Enhancing inclusive strategies. Stakeholders: teachers and school staff’s competences
  • Room 6: Fostering inclusive practices

The partakers state their satisfaction about the work accomplished in each group as an example of the effectiveness of a committed school.

Finally, a SWOT Analysis concerning the Workshop took place: Google Modules have been sent each participant to be filled-in. The modules were shaped in order to drive a quick reply upon strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, guidelines, new perspectives provided by the Project Workshop and further suggestions.

Working program:

  • Project Introduction
  • Index for Inclusion – shaping the ratio of Index
  • Priorities in our school – practices fostering Inclusion
  • Leading to a shared lexicon
  • Analysis of the Questionnaire outcomes
  • The Project website
  • The Laboratory of Ideas
  • SWOT analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Certificates of Attendance


23 ISCED3 teachers

4 support teachers

1 administrative staff

Total: 28 participants

Participants have been pleased for joining the Workshop, as revealed by their enthusiastic opinions. They have congratulated for the job – a truthful chance and a space to share ideas, as resumed by their opinions. Each partaker received a Certificate of Attendance.