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Workshop San Viator

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Workshop San Viator

January 21, 2021

Remote workshop via Google Meet – Sopuerta, Spain

To carry out this workshop we have taken into account staff from Centro San Viator from different professional fields and different educational levels. During the workshop, teachers, staff from the administration department, heads of Department andHead of Studiesparticipated.

If we want to develop an inclusive European project, it is essential to involve the largest number of professionals from Centro San Viatorand from different levels to achieve a quality project.

The response of our professionals to the invitation to participate in the workshop was very good and that we had to make a selection among all of them.

The workshop took place on January 21 at 1:50 p.m. at the end of classes and ended at 5:00 p.m. It was facilitated by Alfredo Garmendia, Ainhoa de la Cruz and Begoña Inchaurraga.

To begin with, we made a presentation of the All in School project talking about the objectives of the project and the different intellectual outputs on which we are going to work. We explained them the methodology that we are using and the different tasks that we are going to carry out over the two years of the project.

After all this, we presented the Index manual, explaining to all the participants the different parts of it, with special emphasis on those parts directly involved in the All in School project. For this, we prepared a specific PPT that we presented to our colleagues throughout the workshop.

Finally, Alfredo organized a round of questions to generate debate among the participants and collect the main ideas that had been generated during the workshop. To finish the workshop, we gave thanks for their participation in the workshop and decided to keep them informed of all the materials that were generated during the project.

These are some of the main ideas extracted during the development of the Workshop:

  •   Teachers need more information about inclusive tools that they can use in their daily work.
  •   It is necessary to develop actions that favor analysis and reflection on inclusion in educational systems.
  •   Although the principles of inclusion are something that all teachers know, it is not clear enough what specific tools they can use
  •   Teachers need guidance for specific action sequences that support the inclusion in schools.
  •   In general, all workers at Centro San Viator see it necessary to receive specific training on inclusion and specific actions.
  •   Teachers see the need to involve not only teachers but also families and other professionals involved in education.
  •   One of the problems that teachers detect is that families are often absent and do not collaborate with teachers.
  •   Teamwork is essential to be able to carry out inclusive actions properly. There are work teams that have more advanced levels than others in relation to inclusion
  •   Social inequality among students often causes the inclusive gap to become larger and larger, which directly affects the activities carried out with students.


13:50 Welcome and introduction to Workshop – Alfredo Garmendia
Alfredo welcomed participants and explained them the reason and aims of the meeting as well as the general framework of the project and what this workshop is.

14:00 Presentation of the project ALL IN SCHOOL – Ainhoa de la Cruz. Slide-based Presentation of All in School project:

• Main purposes of the Project

• Main intellectual outputs. The activities are carried out according to a cooperation style; afterwards, the activities are settled in the Project website.

• Outcomes • Time frame • Partnership

15:00 Presentation of the Index for Inclusion – Ainhoa de la Cruz / Begoña Inchaurraga

Activity: the concept of inclusion. Presentation of the concept of inclusion according to the Index, debate Activity: resources for inclusion activated in the school

16:30 Debriefing and synthesis of the meeting. Questions. Alfredo Garmendia


16 participants: teachers, managers and staff