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The first phase of the ALL IN SCHOOL Project has carried out activities aimed at focusing on the concept of inclusion and familiarizing with the Index for Inclusion.

As part of these activities, all partner schools have carried out a workshop with the participation of teachers and school staff; the workshops were aimed at introducing the working group to the Index’s philosophy and tools, reflecting on the concept of inclusion and its values.

The workshops took place over the period January-April 2021, in face-to-face or online mode depending on the local health conditions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, with the total participation of 107 people.

The workshops included the following stages:

  • presentation of the Project and of the Index and its tools, dimensions and indicators;
  • brainstorming on the concept of inclusion;
  • comparison of the results of the brainstorming with the Index system of values;
  • debate about inclusive education;
  • debriefing and production of a summary document by the participants to the panel.

IC Bozzano, Italy

Online workshop, February 2021

IISS Majorana, Italy

Online workshop, January 2021

Centro San Viator, Spain

Online workshop, January 2021

149th School Sofia, Bulgaria

Face to face workshop, January 2021

Scoala Gimnaziala Comuna Sacalaz, Romania

Face to face workshop, January 2021

ESLA, Portugal

Online workshop, March-April 2021